my first pregnancy was hard! morning sickness for 6 months, lots of uti’s, reduced blood flow to my womb and strep-b  among other things.

I also went into early labour  at 30 weeks and spent a week in hospital and was made to take it easy for the rest of the pregnancy.

at 38 weeks i went into early on a sat and stayed that way untill the Tuesday when my waters broke and then I stopped contracting. the docs decided to keep me in untill I had the baby they tried to induce me twice but still nothing happened so they scanned me and discovered that he was wedged against my pubic bone and wouldn’t come out by himself so they decided to give me a c-section

so on the saturday morning i had K by c-section he was a healthy 8lb and thankfully even though my waters had gone for so long he didn’t have any infections but had iv antibiotics just to be safe.

he is now 2 1/2  and potty training.

my second child pregnancy was easier but more stressful (due to a miscarriage a few months before) and had a problem free 9 months apart from a little bleed at the beginning. we had everything planned for a home birth and I went into labour at 40+6 weeks.

I laboured for 24 hours at home with a poorly K but decided a needed a bit of help so went to the hospital where I had my waters broken, then an epidural then syntocin (a drug to make me contract more regularly) and by the time i had been in labour for 37 hours i was fully effaced but only 3cm dilated.

then came the most terrifying moment of my  life. my baby’s heart rate kept gong down..then it went down and stayed down…then it disappeared

i had loads of midwives and then doctors running about getting ready to do a crash section when  his heartbeat was found again…10 minutes later i was in the operating theatre and had my little 7lb4oz boy X after 41 hours of labour there was meconium (poo) in the waters but he was beautifully healthy.

so K is about 3ft tall dark blond hair down to his shoulders, in a style that looks the same as the new dr who’s hair. he talks non stop. his favorite food is chips and is obsessed with cars!

X is in 0-3 size clothes he has a tiny bit of hair. his favorite thing to do is kicking about naked, his favorite toy is his cot mobile and he bats the animals as they go round and his favorite food is booby milk

well this has taken me most of the day to write…2 children and blogging don’t really mix lol.

happy blogging/reading

kay xxx

K and X playing together on the floor