ok so we decided it was more than time to potty train our big monster and we started yesterday.

the morning started off dry with K not going and crying for a nappy until daddy gave in and put one on him. then mean old mummy made him take the nappy off and put big boy pants on.

within half an hour he had a wee accident and got a bit upset but after reassuring him it was ok, changing his pants and reminding him to use the potty to go wee, we left him to play. about 10 minutes after that he had a poo accident in his pants.

so again mean mummy decided that he was using his pants as a nappy so they would have to go (for the moment)

after trying the sit on the potty untill he wee’d technique didn’t work (for half an hour) we let him play, asking him if he needed to use the potty ever few minutes.

he then finally told us he needed a poo!

we rushed him to a potty and he did a wee!!!YAY!!!! WAHOO!!

‘FIRST WEE ON THE POTTY FOR K 25th JAN 2010 at 6pm!!!!’

as any potty training mum know the first wee in the potty is a very proud moment!

lots of cheering, clapping, kissing and hugging ensued and a ‘special sticker’ was chosen and placed on a (hastily made) chart… where he will get 1 sticker per wee 2 stickers per poo  and every 10 stickers he will get a treat.

by bed time that night we had 7 stickers (2 from a poo) and he only had 4 accidents which it brilliant for his first day potty training!!

today he got up at half 8 and we are now on 12 stickers and he had his treat of chocolate bar and its now 2pm and we haven’t had any accidents yet!!

a huge well done to my big boy and big proud mummy moments

im off to feed X now

happy bogging/reading



edited to say at bedtime today he hs earned 10 stickers today and only 1 tiny accident