One of the main thing I have learnt having 2 children is that everything I do now hast to be done fast!

eat fast, drink fast, tidy fast, bath fast, go to sleep fast, even go to the loo fast!

With your first child you learn that if you drink your tea a little hotter than normal you can manage to drink at least half of it before you have to do something else and it goes cold . or if you as your partner nicely you to look after the baby you will get to have a bath, wash and condition your hair and even make a start on shaving your legs before the screams reach an unignorable level and the baby get brought into the bathroom by a stressed looking daddy and your expected to rescue the poor things from each other.

Well with 2 boys i now cut up my food before sitting down to eat so i can shovel it down in mear minutes before X starts screaming for attention or K starts asking for help eating (regression for attention)

I also now use alot of ‘cheats food’ like froze mash and dolmieo sauce when making dinner where i used to make it all myself  and even then my hubby ends up having to finish it off and dish it up because one of the boys will need me.

and im lucky if i get to wash my hair and body before the screaming starts these days and my legs haven’t seen a razor since X was born (was in early labour and made hubby shave my legs so the midwifes wouldn’t have to see my hairy legs lol)

My bathroom hasn’t had a proper clean (taking everything off the window sill and all the bottle from around the bath and give it a good scrubbing) since before X was born either its just been a quick wipe down and some bleach down the toilet, the kitchen floor hasn’t been cleaned since X was born either just a sweep and a quick scrub or sticky bits or spills. Kim and Aggie  would be horrified especially at the cobwebs in the hallway

i have also started extreme multi-tasking and was making my bed, tidying my bedroom and sorting out washing while brushing me teeth this morning.

i know the FAST stage will ease as they get older but i can’t see myself having a relaxing day in bed or baths where you get to top the hot water up (not because you had it cool so you can bath a monster with you but because you have spent so long relaxing (with a book, some chocs and a glass of wine)) untill the children are in their teens.

You may be asking yourself  ‘how is she managing to blog if everything has to be done so fast???’ well the answer to that is one is in bed and the other is being entertained by daddy playing starwars on the PS2 and i was eating while typing…sadly my break is now up and X wants feeding so…

happy blogging/reading

Kay xxx