Well after the past weeks dramas i have been feeling low and alone due to the fact that NONE of my ‘real life’ friends or family (except our mums) asked about X’s appointment and what was wrong with him 😦 these are people who live in the same town as me, talk to and see us regularly are some are even godparents. i did not get 1 single bloody message via txt, email or facebook from them.

thankfully im not a total friendless looser and did have a few messages from some wonderful women who i don’t think i could live without and i am so thankful for their support. i ‘met’ them when i was pregnant with my oldest via a birth forum and have become really close friends with some of them that we have met up, visited each others houses celebrated each others good news and cried for each others sorrows and i love these girls more than some of the friends i have had for years. sadly all of these girls live more than 30 mins travel (car/train) from me  and 2 live in different countries so i don’t get to see them very often 😦


so to add to my feeling low both the boys have stinking colds. X needs to be snot suckered before every feed and K is having real trouble sleeping

and my week of hosp/Dr’s appointments ended up with me finally getting an iud fitted so been having tummy cramps and sharp stabbing pains all weekend

all in all i am glad this week is now over and hope the next will be tonnes better.

plan for next week: dinner with my family as birthday celebrations for my little sisters 21st  (monday night) circus with friends, lovely MiL got us 8 tickets :-)(Wednesday night) and something with MiL and her Boyfriend (at the weekend)

this week WILL be GOOD and i WILL be HAPPY…i hope

happy blogging/reading