since this blog is supposed to be about them i thought you might like to know how they are doing.

will start with X

since X is still very small and because he didnt have huge amount of contact with his dad as im exclusively breastfeeding and because R was always ‘busy’ with K or on the computer but all the arguments has still effected him.

he now has terrible temper tantrums, screaming in that horrible high pitched ‘pain’ scream, when im too buy to hold him.

he is also still up at least 3 times a night sometimes for feeds sometimes for cuddles.

he gets a hives like rash whenever he has heard shouting

he has also got MAJOR attachment issues and will cry if i leave his sight and will not be consoled until he is back in my arms

it makes me so sad that my tiny baby has has had to go through all this before he is even 6 months old 😦

K is a lot worse off…he has seen his mummy and daddy happy and he understands a lot of the things and that makes his dad’s behaviour hurt all the more

K was potty trained but now the day after he witnesses an argument he has an ‘accident’ and he has been having at least one a day since R terrifying him on friday 😦

he is having  nightmares and waking in the middle of the night and will only go back to sleep in my bed…this not so coincidentally happens the night after R has shouted at me (and since not seeing R since friday he has slept through twice )

he has a stress rash on his hands (like i do)

he is shouting and swearing at me when he doesn’t get his own way but gets very upset if i raise my voice to tell him off

he gets scared of ‘monsters’ at night…this has been going on for months and months and often tells us that he is scared…since friday he has said he is scared of ‘daddy shouting’

he now has attachment issues too and keeps asking me ‘don’t leave me mummy’ and gets very upset if i go anywhere away from him for a few minutes without telling him where i am going

he is now scared of spiders and flies and other bugs

and now he is constantly demanding curdles every 5 minutes

everything is very stressful for all of us and he doesn’t give a fuck…its all about him and never them