there once was a little girl who was happy and had lots of friends

she met a boy who was charming and nice…but the boy was really a horrible and bad boy who would hit the little girl. the horrible boy made her friends away and the little girl was sad.

after a year of being with the horrible boy the little girl ran away from the horrible boy…

and she met her HERO!

the Hero saved her from the horrid boy and made the horrid boy stop chasing after her..

the Hero was a lovely man and treated the girl like a princess

the little girl was happy again and she had friends again thanks to the Hero.

the little girl and the Hero fell in love and got married in a beautiful forest.

the little girl fell pregnant and couldn’t be happier

she had a little boy and her life was as close to perfect as she could imagine.

for a few months….

the Hero decided spending all his time with his family was a bit boring and decided to go out by himself more.

and some cracks in the little girls happiness appeared as the Hero had started telling lies.

the lies got more often and the little girls perfect life ended in tatters round her feet.

the little girl fell pregnant again and was very excited to have more babies…but sadly it wasn’t ment to be and she lost the pregnancy..

that was when the Hero stopped being a Hero…the little girl cried out for help and the Hero ignored her calls.

but the silly little girl still loved her unhero.

and she fell pregnant again…this time the unhero wasn’t very interested and wanted to spend time with his friends…so the silly little girl was left alone more and more.

she had another little boy and loved him dearly….

but the silly little girl and the unhero wasn’t happy with each other anymore.

and after an argument the unhero left

the silly little girl asked the unhero to come back but he wouldn’t.

the silly little girl let the unhero come to the house every day to see the babies

the unhero was very unkind to the silly little girl and called her all sort of names and said all sort of horrible names in front of the babies

and yet the silly little girl was still nice to the unhero…she still made dinner for him when he came to visit.

but no matter what the silly little girl did…the unhero would always shout at get angry at her.

the unhero met another girl and the silly little girl thought he would start being nicer to her as he was happy…but that didn’t work.

he started blaming the silly little girl for everything that was wrong in his life and everything that went wrong in the marriage.

the unhero started enjoying his life with his new girlfriend so much that his visits to see the babies went from 6/7 days a week to 2 days a week…and he told the silly little girl that it would end up only one visit a week.

after a little while the silly little girl started to think about meeting someone else but realised that she was far too busy with her babies to go looking for someone…so she would just have to wait for the right person to find her

to be continued….