what do you think when you look at me??

im a 23 year old single mum with 2 young boys and on benefits

people in general are judgmental….

i fall in to the category that gets dissaproved of by everyone…that gets judged by everyone

but being young with 2 young children when i was married was different…i got judged less…respected more….

now when i go out without my boys and without a wedding band i get people looking down their nose at me…judging me…for my age, for not having a ring, for not having a man at my side

and then when they find out i was married and my husband left they get this pitying look that says ‘oh you poor thing what did you do to make your husband leave’

What does the word ‘Divorced’ mean to you??

to me it means Failure…the marriage failed…the people in the marriage failed…he failed…i failed

(i do realise some of this (ok maybe most of this) it in my head and quite a lot of people probably don’t judge me and that im just projecting my insecurities)