my eldest had his first ever day at preschool on monday! i stayed with him for an hour trying to let him explore and keep out of his way, he had fun but had a wobble when i wandered off to look around the class room,

Tuesday he spent an hour there by himself, it was the first time i have EVER left him with people he didn’t know before. he had never been to a nursery or a crèche before. i spent the whole hour looking at the clock or my phone expecting a call from the school saying i need to come as he is really upset…no call came and when i arrived to collect him he didn’t even want to leave.

Wednesday he was set to spend the whole afternoon there by himself.  again i was worried as not old would ha be spending the whole afternoon there but he and  X spent 2 hours in a crèche while i was at the first class of my breastfeeding peer supporter course. But again he was brilliant and had a great time.

thursday and today (friday) went just as well too…in fact i didn’t even get a kiss goodbye today!!

poor X has had a harder time than K…he misses him when he is at school 😦

this week X also got his very first pair of proper shoes as my tiny baby is now walking properly!!!!! they are really cute and even flash!
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my first this week was my breastfeeding peer supporter course started this week. it’s the first educational thing i have done since college…


I am really proud of all of us this week!!!