How do you know when it’s the right time to start a new relationship??

Is there a certain amount of time that people should wait?

How long should I wait before introducing them to my children?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, in the past few months I have been asked out on a date or two, and chatted to a few people liking some more than others.

But havn’t yet met a person who I’m interested enough in to start a new relationship.

I have got used to being by myself with my boys and not really sure how someone new would fit into our life.

My boys are starting to become less clingy and dependent on me which means I can leave them with my mum or their dad can take them for longer (when he can be bothered…but that’s for another time) which means I am able to go out and see friends and meet new people.

On the 4th I will be having a evening out for one of my best friends birthdays and for the first time ever someone else (my mum) will be putting them to bed. The last time I went out in the evening was over a year ago.

Everyone I talk to seems to have different opinions about new relationships but the main one is ‘do what feels right!’

But what if you don’t know what right is?

I have made some huge errors in judgement in the past and even though I don’t completely regret them I don’t want to risk it because of the boys.

My mum met a guy while she was working in a hotel, the next day she got a note from him asking for her number so she gave him it. They tallked on the phone a lot and then he came up to visit. We met him and liked him. We saw him a few more times and then met his children. Then he asked her to marry her, she said yes! We moved from Northumberland to Essex to be closer to him, they got married…. It’s their 14th wedding anniversary next month.

I knew my ex for 10 years before we were married….we wed in 2006 and will be divorced in 2011

This probably doesn’t make any sense at all sorry…was hoping it would help it make sense in my brain but it hasn’t worked.

Well I have either got to sit alone and worry about the things that could go wrong or I have got to take a deep breath and jump….