The lovely @CoffeeCurls wrote this blog earlier with a list her kids came up with of the qualities they want in her next partner..

Since I have now been single for 11 months I figure it couldn’t hurt to make my own list…. 😉

I asked for suggestions on twitter and here is what I got…

“@madmumof3: @KayAndHerBoys must be a good cook,able to run a bath, dependable & honest. Good with kids, love in-laws & respectful in & out of bed!! Lol”
“@madmumof3: @KayAndHerBoys and he must be able to make you laugh! :o)”

“@mattwhiskers: @KayAndHerBoys I would put “Marmite. Love it or hate it?””

“@livvynew: @KayAndHerBoys ok…what about…loves cuddles…. can kiss for hours…a smile that melts your heart (too picky??) lol x”

“@stesedg: @KayAndHerBoys dashing good looks, rapier wit and a lengthy penis?”

“@WitchyCowgirl: @KayAndHerBoys takes all hats off as stepping through the doorway.”

“@MrFraig: @KayAndHerBoys How about “Will treat me like the princess/sex goddess I am”?”

Which are all brilliant and should be included in my list

So onto my list…

• must be over 30 (I have a thing for older guys)
• must have a job (uniform a big bonus #Mmmmeninuniform)
• absolutely no drugs
• no criminal record
• preferably drives (car not motorbike as they are scary)
• must like kids
• must NOT treat me like crap
• tattoos and piercings encouraged
• must be trustworthy
• being rich would be nice but isn’t that important
• worshiping the ground I walk on would also be nice
• must accept that my boys come first.
• must NOT have a bad temper
• must be good in bed
• must be taller than me (I am 5″5ish)

Ok so the list is mostly for fun…in fact this whole blog is mostly for fun…but…

What I really want is someone to want me, to be there when I’m stroppy or hurting or sad as well as when I’m happy, someone to do the boring stuff with as well as the fun and enjoy it because they are with me.
I want someone who will be a good role model/influence for my boys.
I want someone who is funny and who laughs at my jokes too.
I want someone who will respect me and not lie.

I want what everyone else on this planet wants…to be loved and to have someone to love.

Ok so if you think your the guy/girl for the job how about fulling this out

(email can be requested via comment or by dm on twitter)