My best friend (my cowgirl) got to see her baby for the first time today. After the doctors appointment she sent me a picture of the scan photo and I started crying happy tears! I am so over the moon happy for her and I love her and her family to pieces.

Then it dawned on me that I am far happier about her pregnancy than I ever was about my pregnancy with X.

I was still grieving after a miscarriage before him and my marriage had all but broken down, my health was bad and the whole pregnancy I was miserable. I waited until the last few weeks to get anything and was basically in denial until I had him.

Thankfully as soon as I held him in my arms I fell head over heels in live with him and bonded with him far quicker than I ever did with K.

I won’t ever be having any more babies and I’m a little sad that I won’t get to have a happy pregnancy myself…but I’m gonna be enjoying being an ‘Auntie’ again