So as the title suggests its been about 2 and a half years since my marriage ended.

We are still not divorced due to exH delaying divorce proceedings, he still hates me and blames me for everything and after the barrage of shouting and abuse over the phone from him last night I’m guessing he still hasn’t moved on with his life despite having his own place and a girlfriend for the past 2+ years. And has decided he won’t sign the house over to me unless I let him see the boys every sat and Sunday as he doesn’t want to see them every other weekend like my solicitor and I suggested. So might be finding a new house for me and kids :-/

Me I am happy, I’m not so healthy as sadly the eds is making things worse and I have managed to tear cartilage in my hip from dislocating it *ouch*

This year so far has had good and bad! So I will split it into the two categories


In February I managed to take both my boys to Texas by myself to stay with my best friend ‘cowgirl’ and her family including a new baby boy. The journeys were over 24hrs each way and I got grey hairs from all the stress but I did it 😀 #proudmemoment and it is a trip that will be repeated and never forgotten (took me a long time to save for it)

I finally have a boyfriend that has become part of my life (not just dates that never meet my children) who is really nice and my family seem to like. We go out together on Sundays with the boys doing fun things like visiting the beach and fruit picking and movies.

We are off on a 4 day holiday to Kent with 2 of the boys godparents and my bf at the end of this month.

I have a wonderful friends coming to visit from Iowa at the end of september.


Recently my father had a heart attack and nearly died, my mum is not very well and as said before neither am I (all 3 under the care of a cardiologist :-/ not good)

My hands are getting worse, not working properly and locking.

Both boys had chicken pox and after that my potty trained X has fully regressed back into nappies 24/7 😦

Funnily enough it was the exH commenting that he read my blog that reminded me about this… So *waves at exH* hope your enjoying this one