Am not sure how many of you know but I’m technically disabled. I have an ever growing list of conditions that make my life challenging.

I have EDS type 3 which is also called hypermobility syndrome I was born with this, it is a genetic syndrome. I started being treated for symptoms when I was about 10 and was diagnosed at 16. This causes pretty much all my joints to dislocate and make me have pain 24/7 eds info

I also have fibromyalgia which came after a bad bout of glandular fever at 16 (diagnosis at 18). This causes fatigue, skin sensitivity, pain, muscle stiffness and more fibromyalgia info

As well as those two I have Raynaud’s syndrome, this is a common thing to develop when you have eds (diagnosis at 23). Raynauds means I have bad circulation in my hands and feet and when it’s cold my extremities get very cold and painful. My nail beds are always purple which mean I don’t have enough oxygen in my fingertips and I quite often have all my veins visible in my palms (which is kind of freaky lol) Raynaud’s disease info

Throughout senior school where I was very often hurt and using crutches or with slings or splints, I was bullied with a lot of ‘your faking it’ ‘just being lazy’ being said by students and a few teachers and sadly I didn’t get a diagnosis until I left school.

During college I managed pretty well by talking a lot of pain killers and by being stubborn but when my pain over came my stubbornness I was again accused of ‘faking it’ and ‘being lazy’ this time from the tutors (even with proof of conditions from doctors letters ect)

While I was with my exH he understood at first but the majority of his friends didn’t believe I was ill and were constantly saying I was ‘lazy’ and just wanting exH to do everything’ this even included them filming them taking my wheelchair from the house while I was sleeping as a ‘joke’ they made a DVD of it and laughed at it. I was told that I was ‘over reacting’ and ‘being unreasonable’ for being upset at their actions.

ExH’s main reason for divorcing me ‘for unreasonable behaviour’ is that I was ill and he had to look after me and the kids and that was ‘unfair’

On the outside I don’t look ill, thankfully I’m not disfigured by my medical conditions and being a single parent means I still have to keep doing what needs done no matter how much pain I am in. Crying as I am doing the school run is a regular occasion and having my family help me when I’m feeling worse than normal means my children get a ‘normal’ life.

People stare when they see a young person with a walking stick, they stare even more when they see a young person in a wheel chair. And because I have conditions that can vary in how much pain I’m in/how bad I’m feeling I don’t always need help or a stick or a chair…but sometimes I do….

Basically this long ramble is saying don’t judge someone who looks well, you never know what they are going through. And trust me…NO ONE would ever want this! And if you think I’m faking I would love to see you walk a day in my shoes and see how you feel after….

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