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What is happiness to you?

Everyone had different things that make them happy, that calms them when they are stressed, that makes them so happy they are glowing.

Happiness to me is….

above all things my boys, they make me laugh and smile countless times every day.

Baking! cookies, cakes, bread…most things really…this is my stress relief (and the results taste good)

Friends! Yesterday I went With the kids to see some friends and we spent the day talking and eating and drinking and laughing! And I mean really laughing so hard that you can hardly breath.

My family. Mum, stepdad, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. I love spending time with my family they are very special and very important to me and we have a brilliant time when we are all together (we are very loud too)

The Internet and social network sites…I know, I know it sounds a bit daft but through forums and Facebook and twitter I have made some amazing friends and because they don’t live locally this is my main way to contact them and share what is going on in our lives.

My phone. Yes I admit it I love my phone, I feel naked without it and I use it probably far too much (am using it to write this blog) this is again what I use to have contact with my friends that are too far away to just pop round and see on a whim.

Music! You gotta love shaking your tail feather to some great tunes *trying to sound hip and failing* we have music on in my house more than we have the tv on.

Books! Loosing myself in someone else’s world is a treat for me! It’s rare I get to read more than one chapter a night now before I fall asleep. But I used to read until I couldn’t hold the book anymore and have been known to sob my heart out at sad parts in book (cried at some point of every happy potter book)

Go on!! Tell me what makes you happy! It will make you smile 😀



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